We are a new generation Private Equity firm investing in software businesses in Europe. We consider ourselves a partner for entrepreneurs and management teams, believing in active ownership and operational value creation to help companies reach the next level of their development. The BID Equity team contributes a unique set of capabilities and expertise well beyond the contribution of traditional financial investors to its portfolio firms.


Providing ’transformational private equity' to support successful companies to reach the next level in their development
Unlike other financial investors: Combining unique perspectives from entrepreneurship, strategy consulting, and Private Equity in a global context
State-of-the-art value creation levers to actively innovate a company's business model: Buy & Build, Internationalization, and focus on digital businesses.
Partnering with entrepreneurs, co-owners, and management teams to maximize joint success

Investment Thesis

We believe the segment we aim for is extremely attractive, with many great businesses that developed unique business models, products, and intellectual property. EBIT-wise the market is as big as the small-, mid-, and large-cap segment combined, thereby providing the backbone, e.g. for the German and Austrian economy. Many of these companies have above GDP growth rates and superior margins. Furthermore, they provide perfect platforms to pursue buy & build, internationalization, and/or digitalization strategies.

Yet there are practically no financial investors in the space, as it requires a very hands-on approach and the ability to systematically manage a long-tail. Our diverse team has the experience to do so and applies state-of-the-art value creation levers to boost sales and operating margins. We feel at home in traditional businesses, but have a unique focus and expertise in software and technology firms. Entrepreneurs value our credibility, track-record, and commercial expertise vis-à-vis more traditional investors. Our extensive network and acquisitive mindset help us to identify a rich and proprietary set of opportunities.

Our Team

The BID Equity team combines deep topic expertise with a proven track record in executing transactions and transforming businesses. Our diverse professional background in software, Private Equity investing, strategy consulting, entrepreneurship, family businesses, and large corporates enables us to offer relevant perspectives and hands-on support to our portfolio companies.

Dr. Helge Hofmeister
Dr. Helge Hofmeister Managing Partner
Dr. Hofmeister is a technologist and experienced manager. He is a software expert having advised and worked for many of the world’s leading software firms, and an entrepreneur who built his own and helped others build digital businesses.
Dr. Axel Jansen
Dr. Axel Jansen Managing Partner
Dr. Jansen is an experienced private equity professional. He successfully invested and exited many small- & mid-cap transactions, and became a trusted advisor to leading Private Equity funds in Europe.
Lars Kloppsteck
Lars Kloppsteck Managing Partner
Mr. Kloppsteck is an entrepreneur and experienced global manager. He successfully built new businesses, led medium-sized enterprises in Asia and Europe. At one point, he served as an active CIO and thefore knows the customer side of IT well.

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