BID Equity seeks to accelerate its dynamic growth with new talent. As a next generation Private Equity firm, we offer our team members ample opportunity to develop skills along the entire investment lifecycle. We nurture entrepreneurship, and believe in active ‘hands-on’ value creation in our portfolio firms.

Our candidates

The ideal BID Equity candidate is driven, flexible, and – above all – a great team player. You would complement our team with a broad set of relevant skills, but also have an edge in a specific field. For example, we value candidates that stand out through their international experience, solid transaction skills, or deep technological expertise. Building a well-rounded team is our top priority.

Career options

In the long-run BID Equity professionals may choose to pursue two alternative career paths. One is to concentrate on deal-making and the constant development of our portfolio firms, thereby advancing on the traditional Private Equity career path. In addition, we offer experienced team members to become an entrepreneur themselves by participating in one of our future transactions by means of a Management Buy-In (MBI). Whatever path it will be—the future truly is at your hands!

Current Positions

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