We go well beyond the classic value creation levers addressed by traditional Private Equity investors. The future belongs to businesses that continuously reinvent themselves to stay on top. We enable small and medium sized software and technology companies to address some of their most challenging yet rewarding opportunities: Rolling-up markets through ‘Buy & Build’ strategies, unlocking the potential of global markets through advanced ‘Internationalization’, or by transforming themselves into ‘Digital Businesses’.

Value of Private Equity Investors

Private Equity has evolved significantly in recent years. In the early days investors focused on the financing aspects of the business, but the future lies in operational value creation driving business performance. BID Equity contributes the entire toolbox to create sustainable value for business and entrepreneurs.

Buy & Build

Buy & Build strategies can both accelerate sales growth and increase margins by realizing synergies. Furthermore, they can create expectation of continued growth and margin improvements, which can translate into higher exit valuations.

Such an approach is particularly attractive to small- and medium-sized businesses. However, it requires operational and Buy & Build capabilities to develop an operationally efficient and scalable platform. BID Equity partners with companies to build such platforms, and contributes both the experience and expertise required for successful execution.

Buy & Build generates superior returns

  • Additional scale & synergies
  • Market share gains
  • International expansion

BID Equity has the experience to enable B&B strategies

  • Priority access to deal flow
  • Execution and financing support


The speed of globalization has accelerated over time and literally all sectors face significant change. Internationalization offers potential to add value across all functions such as sales, production, procurement, and R&D. Companies that follow a systematic approach are more profitable than the ones who just pursue opportunistic international opportunities.

But it also requires significant experience and networks to navigate foreign markets and cultures. BID Equity actively injects this knowledge into portfolio companies and leverages its global network to open up new options for companies and entrepreneurs alike.

Many functions can benefit from internationalization

  • Sales & marketing
  • Manufacturing & procurement
  • Research & product development

BID Equity helps to professionalize international strategies

  • Access a global network and expertise
  • Hands-on support, also overseas

Focus on Digital

Digital technologies reshape the competitive landscape across sectors. Traditional businesses suddenly face new waves of competitors and business models, and oftentimes lose control over margins, market share, and brand equity.

At the same time many companies have held off implementing digital technology because they lack the organizational mindset or capabilities required to succeed. BID Equity enables digital transformations by providing expertise and strong leadership, by aligning IT and business units, and by nurturing a culture of controlled risk-taking and rapid action.

Digital capabilities are mandatory today

  • Digital businesses outperform
  • Essential to build digital capabilities

BID Equity enables companies to up their game in digital

  • Build digital sales and oeprational capabilities
  • Rethink digital business models

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